Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ladies Club Meeting

We needed somenone to take care of our home since both me and my wife worked.We couldnot find anybody.My wife said that since she earn more than me,I have to quit my job and take care.
I could not reject since she earns double my income.I started doing all household activites.Few months passed, I then even get my hair cut as my wife said I just stay in my home and I did look good with long hair.

My cloths were also worn out and she didnot get me new ones saying I was just doing house work.Oneday When I complained her about the worn out cloths I had to wear , She jockingly said if I need good cloths then I should try on her dresses.She even taght me that day to wear a saree.

Since I always stayed home I started dressing in her things, SHe never complained.But she wanted me to look fresh by the time she returns from office everyday.So I started using her makeup and ornaments like chains and bangles. She was happy with my looks,she even bought me a breast forms.Today we are going to a ladies club meeting in her office, and we dressed in idential sarees...

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  1. Nice story! Stories like this will become common as more women become independent and earn their own wages.