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sweety Sissy girl...

"Now that I caught you in this lovely wig and dress dear hubby,I wanna you to obey my order henceforth or I shall tell all your dear friends and relatives about this sweety sissy girl..." wife


"Please dun do it " I shall obey you" husband

" first get me a 20 bucckets of water for my oil bath and then I say what to do dear....wife happy to have maid to do her chores...

Ramu on his first day

Hi girls you all have such a Lovely back,


Even after all these dressup in blue saree I could not even come near your sexy looks
Feel jealous about your hairless smooth and soft back

Ramu on his first day out dresses...

Female Recepsonist

Only the job of female recepsonist cum escort was available in our hotel.Had to make a few adjustment in my apperance to earn of my ailing family...


But now I happy that could earn few extre money by dating few forign tourist who visit in our hotel.And life easy now as shyamala than it was when I was Shyam...

First Real Life story on our blog....

It's feel Great.!!!

It is a true story about a boy who was very naughty was rightly punished by his sister and a aunt.

Saran was always a naughty boy and was always making fun of everybody . His sister was eagerly waiting for a chance to humiliate him . One day when his aunt was visiting their home with her kid. She requested him to look after the child for some time when his aunt and sister were planning to go shopping..
He rejected saying that taking care of babies was a girls job and be is not a girl to do it. He was going out to play with his friends who were about to come in another half an hour. Both sister and aunt were angered by him saying it was a girls job.So they decided to teach him a lesson....

His aunt said if it was a girls job to take care of the baby then he should be a girl for some time and do it. Hearing this sister laughed out and said he should try it once. Saran was worried and said he cant do it since he is a boy. His aunt caught hold of him and asked his sister to bring some dress that would fit saranya for evening. His sister was happy and brought out a red salwar and made him to wear it.


His sister wanted to tease him further decided to make his face up. She did his lips, eyes and then gave him bindi.Then she also attached few hair clips to complete the look.By the time his friends came to pick him up. When they saw him his sister said that Saranya wanted to dress in her favourite  dress and help them in house works. So she may not be able to join them in their game.

Saran was totally humiliated in front of his friends and promised not be naughty again. He spent the entire evening as Saranya taking good care of the kids. Even his sister and parents were happy to a calm and good saranya instead of a naughty Saran.............

Punished to be Girls

Common boys, you cant show you back for long.you guys should have thought about his before you broke into the ladies hostel.You were all busted and now punished to be girls for a day.

Be fast boys we are already late to the class, if you delay further you could end up standing out of our class for everybody to see. You dont have a choice now.Hurry up pretty ones...smile mischeifly.

Monday, 30 December 2013

I look like a real girl - said karthik

"Sister I had to appreciate you for the effort you have put in make me look like a girl, but this is a little to much.I look like a real girl in this yellow dress" said karthik

"Thats the point dear, you always wanted girls to dress this way and thats why we wanted to show you could not wear these cloths more that one day.Now lets see what you  say after the couple of days..." said  Ashwini

" Lets see, I still beleave this is good"



Chamayavilakku Festival in Kearala Part - 2

Chamayavilakku Festival in Kollam -  Kearala State

Chamayavilakku Festival in Kearala Part - 1

Chamayavilakku Festival in Kollam -  Kearala State

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fancy Dress Party

It was the fancy dress party in our company.I want to do something different to impress my boss so that i could get better apparasial. When i asked my two sister one elder and one younger sister.My younger sister funnly said if youm wanna impress a man you should be a beautifull girl.

Even my elder sister liked the Idea and they decided I go as a bride. But I hesitated they both were presistant and i had to give in. My elder sisters wedding gown as perfect fit for expect few area where they took care with foams and forms.

I was main attraction of the Party. My boss couldnot take the eyes of me, result I had a double increament one for office work, othe for work at night with him.

Lost to a arm wrestling...

Serves you right son.You should have thought before challenging  her.You lost to girl in a game of arm wrestling, what a shame...

Now she wants to you attend the party, that you wanted to take her as date, as a girl along with her.But not bad at all you look too good as a girl in that salwar of your  sister.

Be very careful dear, Boys can't keep themselves away from pretty girls.I dont want my sweety to get hurt in the party. I want to be back home straight after the party as girls cant stay out till midnight.

Have fun the time GIRL... mom teases her son who lost to a girl in game of arm wrestling...

I want Escape - How?

I was in a big problem and people were in search of me. They thought I had cheated them and I didnot have place to hide it. I decided to hide in my friends home and somehow managed to reach there.We were thinking hard about how i can hide without being founf and thats when my friends wife sindhu suggested a Idea.She said since they were searching me a guy,I should disguise myself as a girl for sometime so that they dont find me.

I was reclutant but both my friend and sindhu convinced me.She promised me that could she make me passable as a girl.My friend left me with her and she started her magic.Within couple of hour before my friend could return she had turned me into a stuning women no one could find.

She had dressed me in a black dress and my friend was shocked to find two hot girls in house when he returned. I did stay as a girl till problem was solved.

Trampling in college.....Part 5 End

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-1.html   Part - 1

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-2.html   Part - 2

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-3.html   Part - 3
http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/httpmistressreyana.html  Part - 4 

Guys Please Read above the link and after read this part 5

The girls all climbed off and then took turns jumping on my stomach one by one. This went on for what felt like hours. I never caught my breath. Suddenly Ashley recommended that they all take off their shoes so that they could prolong my torture. The idea was that without their shoes on it wouldn’t hurt so much I guess. 

As the girls took off their shoes they made me kiss there feet one by one. Julie was the last. After I kissed her soft sock covered feet she stood up right on my face. I felt like my nose would surely break at any second. As she stood there she told the other girls to climb up on me and start jumping up and down. 

Ashley was on my chest, Kim on my stomach, and Deborah was on my balls. I was completely helpless with Julie standing right on my face. I couldn’t move. When the girls stopped jumping Ashley and Julie switched places. Then Julie started jumping on my chest as the others watched and laughed. 

Now it was Kim’s turn to stand on my face while Ashley jumped on my chest. Then it was Deborah’s turn to stand on my face while Kim jumped up and down on me.

After all of this the girls still wanted more. I just wanted to die and get it over with. Kim climbed up on the couch where my feet were tied and jumped off right onto my stomach. The other girls thought this was great and immediately did the same. Julie had the idea next to try jumping on me two at a time. 

Julie and Ashley climbed up on the couch, held hands and jumped. I was crushed under their combined weight. I thought I would puke for sure. I could feel my insides being mashed like a banana. Kim and Deborah took their turn and this ritual was repeated many times. 

I started to plead with them forgetting that I wasn’t to speak. Deborah took her soft nylon covered foot and shoved all five toes into my mouth at once. Then, she stood up on only that one foot like a ballerina. I felt her foot slide into my mouth and her toes actually touched the back of my throat. 

She took her other foot and smashed my nose with her soft warm toes to make sure that I couldn’t breathe at all. Kim then went one step further and put her small sexy foot on my throat and then stood on it. I knew I was dead. I couldn’t see any way out of this at all. I passed out from lack of air and panic.

When I finally woke up the girls were all standing over me discussing what to do next. Deborah noticed I was awake and she decided to smother me with her pantyhose covered ass. She sat squarely on my face. She only allowed enough air for me not to pass out. 

As she sat there the other girls took turns stomping, kicking, and trampling me. Kim got off and Deborah took her place. Once again I found my self between the soft ass of a beautiful cheerleader. I felt one of the girls grab me in a scissor hold. I don’t know who it was but when she squeezed I couldn’t breathe. 

All I felt was a pair of soft legs wrap around me a squeeze what air I had left in me out. As one girl squeezed, another would jump on me and the fourth would stomp my rock hard dick and balls. This went on for quite a while until I couldn’t fight any longer and went completely limp. 

I was total exhausted. Kim jumped on me and I didn’t move. Ashley stomped my balls and I only winced a little bit. Deborah kicked my ribs and I lay motionless. Julie then jumped on my stomach and it had no effect. I couldn’t move. I was spent. It didn’t matter what the girls tried they couldn’t get a reaction out of me.

The girls stood around discussing things and trying to decide if they should let me go or not. I was obviously hurt and unable to fight any more. Ashley said she wanted to fuck me before they let me go and the other girls though that was a pretty good idea. Each one stripped naked and stood over me.

 Ashley noticed that my erection had gone away so she proceeded to gentle caress my dick with her soft little foot to make it hard. As she stroked, Julie rubbed her foot on my chest to try to massage some life back into me. Kim and Deborah took turns rubbing their feet on my face. 

I began to enjoy this and did everything I could to keep my dick from getting hard. Ashley stopped rubbing my dick with her toes and started to suck on it with her soft wet mouth. I felt Kim slide her tongue deep into my mouth. That’s all it took. My dick flew into action again.

Ashley slowly lowered herself onto me. Her pussy was very wet and hot. It was a wonderful feeling. Kim decided to add to the pleasure by rubbing her sweet pussy on my face. It tasted great. Ashley was bouncing harder and harder. She had an orgasm and Kim quickly took her spot on my cock.

 Deborah took Kim’s spot on my face. I had an orgasm myself while Kim was thrusting herself on my cock. When she came, Deborah slid onto my dick and Julie sat on my face. Then it was Julie on my face and Ashley on my face. When all the girls were satisfied sexually, they decided that I could leave. I dragged myself to my room and did everything I could to keep from ever seeing those girls again.

Model for My younger Sister

My sister wanted to see how her new wedding saree will look with all the new moments.There was nobody in the home. She requested me to help her and she would keep it a secret.I too accepted she was my favorite Sister.


She have me a bra first,I asked should really wear bra,she replyed that she has to wear one under her saree and so also had too.She dressed me in her lovely orange saree.Then came her moments like nacklace,chain, bangles, and her rings.

I already had my ear pierced so that was not a problem.for dangling ear studs.She said I wear a wig too so that could see complete look, I accepted.Then she said i looked like a bride now which made me blush.She sadi the blushing makes me a look like a young sexy bride.


She did the facial makeup too complete the full make over.She thought now i had a groom which made me embrassing.she took a snap for remembering the  wonderful day.we had alone.

My sister and Me!!!

I was born after three sisters in our family.Being the last kid I was showered with love always. My sister have always been my role models.I always wanted to be like them. 
I never felt like a boy When I was with them.I loved to be a girl like them always.It was during the marriage of my last sister, I met a guy with whom i fell in love.


Even when I was a boy, he too like the softnature of mine and accepeted me.When I told my sisters about this they thought only thing is I should be happy.They accepted me as a girl even dressed me like a girl in green silk saree for that day.

Had great fun during my sister's marriage as a girl with my sisters and the guy.Everybody else it was for fun, but only my sisters and the know about the birth of new girl   that day...

my daughter is here to stay for few days

Din really thought that you could took so beautifull when your teacher wanted you to play role of a girl in drama.. you look damn cute in this rose saree with the bangles...

"Happy that i have got a daughter to share my things now on" said my mom

"Mom I thought all these for just one day only" Rajesh.

"No dear, Raji  my daughter is here to stay for few days " mom

How become a Actress?

Mahesh came to mumbai to become an actor.After struggling for six months he find a new job at  Hansraj theater as a backstage boy.He got to now from a colleague that an upcoming play had a crossdressing role and the director was looking for a fresh face to play it.

Mahesh had played the role of seetha sevaral times in the ramlila of his Village.He tooks his photos dressed as seetha to show it to the director.The director looked at Mahesh's Photos and plunked them on the table laughing.He said to Mahesh " Look dear , you look okey but for this role we need a city chick and not some aunty in a saree.Bye,Bye.


Mahesh was infuriated with the director's comment. He was very proud of his acting skills and decided he will show the director that if he wished he would be a modern girl too.While returning home Mahesh stopped at a mall and purchased on outfit saying he need a birthday gift for his college going cousin sister.

He came home took a showered, shaved and transformed from Mahesh to Mitali  and clicked a snap of herself to show it to the dirctor. I guess I dont need to tell you whom the role in the play went but the important question is how many dinner meeting mitali had to do with the Director before she recieved the signing Bonus.

Boy turns as girl in West Dodavari District

Boy turns as girl in West Dodavari District 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Trampling in college.....Part 4

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-1.html   Part - 1

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-2.html   Part - 2

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-3.html   Part - 3

Guys Please Read above the link and after read this part 4

As Ashley and Julie finally stopped I felt myself passing out. I hadn’t been able to take a breath fro several minutes and I could no longer stay conscious. When I woke up I found myself naked and tied spread eagle on the floor. My hands were tied to the desk with a pair of pantyhose and my feet to the bed. 

Julie and Ashley were nowhere in site. I struggled against my pantyhose restraints but was unable to get free. I dared not yell for help because I was afraid the girls may be hiding and waiting for the chance to strike again. That thought consumed me, as I lay motionless on the floor. 

The door opened and I tensed up thinking I was going to be jumped on. Ashley appeared. “We have a little surprise for you.” I couldn’t imagine what I was in for. I want to introduce you to Kim and Deborah. They are cheerleaders too and they think you need to be taught a lesson as well. Kim was wearing a plaid “school girl” mini skirt with a brown blouse. 

She was wearing black knee socks and brown loafers. Deborah was a taller girl. I’d say she was about 5’7” or 8”. She probably weighed about 135-140lbs. She had large breasts and was very muscular. She was wearing a short skirt, blouse, and skin colored pantyhose and very high-heeled pumps.

“We all think that you deserve to be crushed like a spider for what you did.” Ashley said. Deborah and Kim giggled. “I didn’t do anything! Why are you doing this?” I pleaded. “Shut up!” Deborah yelled at me. “You’ll only speak when we let you!” I mistakenly replied with “OK.” 

Deborah jumped up and landed right on my chest. I felt the air going out of my collapsing lungs. Just then Kim jumped up and landed on my stomach. Ashley put her sneaker on my face and pressed my head to the floor and Julie stood on me right next to Kim. I had three girls with shoes on standing on me with a fourth pressing on my face. Ashley could tell I was in a great deal of pain and taunted me.

 “Does it hurt? Do you have any tread marks on you yet?” She laughed at my predicament. The girls all finally got off of me and I was able to breathe again. Julie noticed my hard-on and pressed her foot onto my cock. “You shouldn’t be enjoying this. It’s supposed to hurt. We want to teach you a lesson!” With that she stomped hard on my exposed dick.

 I cried out in anguish as all the girls laughed. Julie did it again and again. I couldn’t bear the pain. I fought as hard as I could against my restraints but they held tight. When the girls realized I was trying to get free they quickly pounced on me.

 Deborah stood on my chest, Kim Just below my rib cage, Ashley on my stomach, and Julie stood right on my dick with her sneakers. I learned very fast not to move anymore. The girls then all started to bounce up and down on me. I felt like I was going to die. I was regretting ever having met Ashley and Julie.

Trampling in college.....Part 3

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-1.html   Part - 1

http://mistressreyana.blogspot.in/2013/12/trampling-in-collegepart-2.html   Part - 2

Guys Please Read above the link and after read this part 3

I woke up this time to find Ashley and Julie giggling at each other as they were playing footsie underneath the desk. I pretended to be asleep as I watched through my squinted eyes. I was having a ball! Both girls got up and went into the bathroom at the same time.

 I looked around and saw their shoes were lying on the floor near me. I reached down and picked up on of Julie’s sneakers to admire it just as she walked out of the bathroom. I was caught. “ I thought I saw a spider and I was going to kill it.” I stammered. 

“You asshole! You were going to kill a spider with my shoe?” Julie yelled. “Sorry.” I said, “It’s all I had at the time.” “I’ll make you sorry you little shit.” Julie exclaimed. She ran towards me and jumped into the air. Before I could react, she kicked me right on the side of my face. I rolled to the floor in pain.

 I jumped up just in time to see Ashley coming from the bathroom. “What’s going on here?” She asked. “This dumb ass was going to use my shoe to squish a spider.” Julie said to her. “Well then,” Ashley said, “there’s only one thing for us to do. Let’s use our shoes to squish him!” I was in panic mode. I made a dash for the door only to be tripped by Julie. I hit the floor and rolled over just in time to see Ashley’s beautiful foot come down right on my stomach. 

She stomped hard. As I gasped for air I could see Julie slipping on her sneakers. I tried to get up but was pushed back down to the floor by Ashley’s sexy foot. As I hit the floor for the for the 3rd time, Ashley put her foot on my face and said, “If you move I’ll break your nose.” With that she pushed a little harder to show me she was serious. 

As she pushed on my face my eyes started to water from the pressure on my nose. “Are you gonna’ cry little baby?” Julie asked as she walked toward me. “No” I said. “I didn’t mean to make you mad! Please let me go!” “Like hell.” Julie laughed, “I think you need to learn what it’s like to be crushed like a bug.” They both laughed at the terrified look on my face.

Ashley took her foot off my face just as Julie put her sneaker on my chest and pushed down. I was too scared to move. Julie just smiled as she told me to watch Ashley put on her sneakers next. I watched as Ashley flexed her foot and made her calf muscle jump out. “Remember, we’re cheerleaders and have very strong legs.” Ashley explained as she laced up her shoes. “I am very good at jumping and am looking forward to jumping up and down on you.” 

Just as she said that she jumped high in the air and came down right on my stomach with both her feet. I gasped for air as Julie stomped on my chest again to force me back down. As Ashley stood on me she began to grind her shoes into my stomach as if she were putting out a cigarette. The pain was unbearable. I couldn’t breathe. 

Ashley then began jumping up and down on my stomach repeatedly and without mercy. I began to cry out in pain. When I opened my mouth Julie pushed one of her sneaker toes down my throat so that I couldn’t make a sound. Ashley finally stopped and got off of my stomach. 

She pulled off my shirt and said, “No tread marks yet.” And stomped hard onto my stomach with one of her muscular legs. Julie climbed up on my chest with each of her feet right on my nipples. I cried out for mercy. “How do you think that spider would feel?” Yelled Julie. With that, she jumped up and landed hard on my chest. 

Ashley was stepping harder and harder on my stomach at the same time and then she stood on my stomach again with both feet. Julie turned around on my chest so that she was facing Ashley. They grasped each other’s hands and then began jumping up and down at the same time. I couldn’t breathe or move. I was completely helpless beneath these beautiful women as they jumped up and down on me relentlessly with their sneakers.

Son in the Sexiest Outfit...

Oh sit , the zip has got stuck, alreadt mom and sister are home early. What do i do now with this dress,  makeup and breast forms i have fixed Aathi worried...

Mom and sister reaches the door step.Mom you have never believed em when i have told Aathi has been indulging mu things.See now he has been caught in my trap said My sister priya.

Dont worry sweety we know how you are dressed right now.So no people in coming out the way dressed you sweet little Aarthi  ( Aathi )  Priya


Mom is shocked to see her son in the sexiest outfit...