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Ladies Club Meeting

We needed somenone to take care of our home since both me and my wife worked.We couldnot find anybody.My wife said that since she earn more than me,I have to quit my job and take care.
I could not reject since she earns double my income.I started doing all household activites.Few months passed, I then even get my hair cut as my wife said I just stay in my home and I did look good with long hair.

My cloths were also worn out and she didnot get me new ones saying I was just doing house work.Oneday When I complained her about the worn out cloths I had to wear , She jockingly said if I need good cloths then I should try on her dresses.She even taght me that day to wear a saree.

Since I always stayed home I started dressing in her things, SHe never complained.But she wanted me to look fresh by the time she returns from office everyday.So I started using her makeup and ornaments like chains and bangles. She was happy with my looks,she even bought me a breast forms.Today we are going to a ladies club meeting in her office, and we dressed in idential sarees...

Escape in a Female

" Hi bharathi are you sure this is only way I could escape the Place " said velan.

" No doubt about it dear.No when will ever suspect you escape in a female disguse.But be careful that you done meet my brother are else you could very well end up being my sister - in - law... Princess Sarah...

Party with My Aunty

" Aunty I never beleaved when you said I could pass easily for a girl in the Party " Said Shyam.


" Hi dear Shyami , I always know you could make a lovely girl, may be next time we should try a saree for u too... Aunty said.
" Look at those guys looking you like a cat waiting for its prey..."


Director Suggested

It was the day of our performence in front of a big home crowd. It came as a big shock to all of us that our heroine was not feeling well.
we did know what do to. All the other girls in our droop could not fit in the role  as they din have practise.When the director and myself ( iam a ass. director ) were discussing about this sitution our director suggested why not I try it once since I know all about the role.


 Every one thought I could be made a convincing girl.Even the girls came forward to help me in the make over.I was dressed in glittering red saree,wigs,dozens of bangles, and other ornaments.Since I know all the dialouges it was not difficult for me to perform on stage.

All through the evening i was treated diffrently.The whole crew thanked me for accepting the role.Every girl complimented me on looks. I was kind of enjoying the attentions I was having.After the performnace director was happy that he has found a new heroine and crew thought even the real one could not done better...

To be a House wife

"What the hell has happened? " Hubby...
"Honey you thought being a wife was very simple rite.So now its your turn to see what it takes to be a house wife".... Wife..

"Go get ready and make the breakefast ready for all or your mom should I say mother-in-law will fire you left and right.
"Will change back once you learn how hard is  it for women if you

wish"  Wife...

To impress the Judges

I din realy i have to dress this way for the dance comptition.I was a good dancer and my girl friend wanted me to participate and win the prize money of 5 lakhs.
Today is the finals and inorder to impress the Judges she thoguht I dressed like a female.She took me to the women's Spa  Where I was given a complete make over.

My ears pierced, eyebrows blucked,eye lashes extened, lips painted in hot Red, wig fitted and had a 38c breast form attached.I looked kind of hot in my red choli when everything was completed.

I was feeling comfortable with my new look and performed stunningly which won me the grand prize.My girlfriend thought now that with my new look, she should fine a couple of guys to take us on double date....

Escape plan

" Sister, I have heard that boys of your class has planned to ragging me (fresher) to night in our hostel.I dont know what to do sister" Brother said.
" I too heard about it in our class today.I along with my friends have made a plan to you to escape it" sister said..


" Thank you sister,I will agreed to whatever you decided since i cant stand the humilating raging of your class guys.. " Brother said.
" We have decided to you dress as a girl and take you to our girls hostel for to night so that you escape"   said sister.
"But other girls in the hostel may know and raging me" brother.
" That why i have brought you a Blue chudithar which you wear in our class.My friends will help in making you with wig and makeup.So you need not worry about it." sister.
"If you think this will work.I dun have a problem i will do as you say. borther.
" Din think you will accept this very easily.But happy that Iam getting a sister for to night" sister.
Brother happly dressing as a girl with the help of sister friends without knowing that this was begining of many night as a girl he is gonna enjoy.

Sister take a photo for the day to remember....

My real self

" Sorry dear I cant live a false life of a man anymore"...hubby.
"What you say?and Why are dressed like this first?" Wife.


"Yes dear, this is my real self.I dont wish to lie to you anymore.But still there is no change in the love I have for you" hubby staring to weep.
"Dont worry dear, I can understand and I know it long time age"wife happy that she has got a new maid around to help.


" sorry mom, I dint want to hide in anymore" .... Darshan.
"Deat i could not beleave my eyes" mom.
"Yes mom this is my true self...I have to thank my sister-in-law for helping me come out".... Darshan.


" And both of you sister's Iam so sorry for using your all things without your permission but it always wished you to help me dress up" .... Darshan.

" Dont worry brother are should I say sister , there is nothing wrong in sisters sharing things. I would love to make beautiful braids for you" .... little sister Deepa said.

"Dont worry honey, we are happy to have you as my third daughter Darshini from now on.You are the cutest of three angels I have... said mom.

" Silently sister-in-law happy that now all the family property will be hers and her hubby without any partition for the younger brother whom she had hypnotised into a crossdresser secretly.

Brother to Sister

Hi sister why cant you select a girl to dance with you in the club when your friend is not feeling well" said Arun.
"No dear you know both you and my friend kala are almost same in size.Moreover you are expert like me in dance as be both learnt it together..."said Uma.
"But still how can i fit into a girl dress that too quit sexy dress " said Arun.,


"Dont worry brother, I have asked my friend to bring all necessary things like wig,breast forms,and the dress you need... she almost expert beautician who can  make you look like a real girl said ...Uma.
" But still iam afraid of the men there in the club.What will happen if they find the truth... said Arun.

" Thats not a possiple since we will perform a stage so get ready now.I meet you on satge" said Uma...

Monday, 24 March 2014

THE PERFECT FUTURE - Part - 9                                                                                                                       Part - 1    Part - 2   Part - 3   Part - 4  Part - 5   Part - 6 Part - 7  Part - 8

By this time more changes took place in society. The society was now female-centred as they made the rules and broke the rules as per their will. The politicians were 95% female and so were most of the bureaucrats and other officials. Men were forbidden from driving vehicles as it was considered dangerous due to their careless driving. Males were giving admissions to courses like home science, nursing, typing etc, which were previously done by women.

Now men wore t-shirts with inbuilt padded supporters or enhancers. Since men who took genderocin grew a little bit of mass on their chests the padded supporters enhanced the shape and size of the moulds on the chests. Women loved to see the clothes with padded enhancers and hence the latest clothes for men were a instant hit.

Luckily for Nirmal, Vijaya did not grow taller. But her facial features had hardened a bit. Jaws squarer. She was as strong as an ox. But her attitude towards him remained the same. Which was more than an assurance to him.

A couple of days later Vijaya and Nirmal were having breakfast. Nirmal had got ready for his office while Vijaya too was ready to attend an interview. Just then Suhas entered the house. He had come back from Mumbai. As he entered the house he did not recognize the person sitting on the dining table with his dad. His mother looked and smiled at him. That is when he realized that the six foot something person was his mother. He was dumbstruck. 

The sight in front of him was the most emotionally taxing thing ever for him. His mother and father were wearing the formal attire that was common for woman and men respectively. While his mother was wearing a grey coloured suit with tie, black formal shoes, a watch on her wrist which was clearly a men’s watch. His dad was wearing a navy blue saree-dress, a small watch which looked like a women’s watch, his hair tied together as a pony tail, earrings, 3 inch heeled strap-shoes. Between his parents his father seemed to have more breasts due to the padding in his blouse and the minimiser bra his mother wore.

Vijaya could understand his emotions. She took him aside and assured him that she was still his mother and that had not changed. Suhas looked at his father with question in his face asking if it was fine with him. His father nodded. Suhas still could not understand why people were going after genderocin as it was against nature. When everything is going fine why change it. Nevertheless he decided to support his mother’s decision as he knew she always put family first before herself. But he was still relieved one of his parents wore a pant and the other a saree although it was his mother that wore a pant and father a saree.

Suhas was tired from the journey and also the shock had taken a toll on his emotions. He went to his room to take some rest while his parents were getting late so set off. Nirmal was worried that he was late to work and if his boss found out then she would make his day hell. It was impossible to catch a bus and reach office in time.As they came out Nirmal saw his old motorbike standing there, it was sparkling clean. Nirmal glanced at Vijaya surprisingly. Vijaya took out the keys from her pocket and said “Tadaaaaa” excitedly.

“Its been so long since we have gone out on this bike. Why don’t we go today honey.” asked Vijaya.

“But how can I ride a bike wearing a saree............................” he stopped abruptly as he realized her intent. He might be wearing clothes unsuitable for riding a bike but she was wearing clothes completely suitable for riding. He was about to flatly refuse her offer.


THE PERFECT FUTURE                                                                                                                       Part - 1    Part - 2   Part - 3   Part - 4  Part - 5   Part - 6 Part - 7

Vijaya did not disclose her decision to neither Nirmal nor Suhas. She started applying for a few jobs. But she was unsuccessful. Later she came to know that women who have not taken genderocin are believed to be “weak” and less authoritative. That is when Vijaya made the all important decision of taking genderocin. This was the first time after her marriage with Nirmal she had taken a decision without his consent. She knew he would be disappointed but was also confident that he would understand the real motive of her action.
            She made an appointment with her doctor. The procedure was very simple. It was just an injection. She was told that for the total changes to take place it would take up to 6-8 weeks. Although the initial changes would be seen within 7-10 days. Vijaya came back home and continued her routine course of action. In the way she bought a few oversized clothes for her future growth. She decided to not tell her family until it became obvious.
            After a week or so the changes in Vijaya started becoming more visible. She was around 60 kgs, more muscular and taller by 3 inches. When Nirmal asked her about it she let the truth out. Nirmal was shell shocked. he just stared at her silently. Vijaya came and sat beside him.

“Honey, believe me I have done this for our own good. I know about the problems you are facing at work. Also we have to plan our future. The salary you earn right now is fine for our expenses but not enough to save money. Remember that we need to get Suhas married in a couple of years.  After taking all these factors into consideration I came to the conclusion that I too need to work. But if I don’t take genderocin I will not be taken seriously. Please understand me and support me” Vijaya tried to convince him.

“Fine. But I do not want to take genderocin.” He said meekly.

Vijaya was happy with his response. She had no plans of asking him to take genderocin so she did not mind. She hugged him and said “sure dear. Remember I may change physically but i am still your wife and the person beneath the skin is still the same woman you married 20 years ago.”

Suhas had gone to stay at Vijaya’s sister’s house in Mumbai. He went there in summer every year for a month or so to spend time with his cousins. So even this time he was there and would only come back after 6 weeks. Vijaya decided to tell him only after he comes back.

Five weeks passed by and now the changes were more prominent. Vijaya was now 6 ft 4 inches tall and 85 kgs. Strong broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs. Her hips too had narrowed while the waist had widened a bit. Her once near-perfect hour-glass figure was nowhere to be seen. Also now she had to shave to avoid sporting tiny whiskers on her face. Since the drug slowed the aging process she now looked like in her mid-thirties. She also almost abandoned her sarees as none of the blouses fit her and also she looked like a transvestite in them. She preferred plain kurta pyjamas at home and jeans-kurta combo when going outside.

One night as they were cleaning the garage Nirmal tried to lift a gunny sack containing cement. But it was too heavy hence he left it alone so that he could pull it later. As he was clearing other things Vijaya went upto the sack and lifted it effortlessly and took it outside the garage and flung it outside. It was not just the sack that she threw outside but also nirmal’s male ego that was thrown outside. He now knew that his wife was taller than him by a good 4-5 inches and way stronger than. He felt very intimidated.


THE PERFECT FUTURE                                                                                                                       Part - 1    Part - 2   Part - 3   Part - 4  Part - 5   Part - 6

Suhas to was in a catch22 situation. He wanted to study but knew it would take him to a dead end as he would never be considered for a high position. As boys are not taken seriously and generally rubbished off as dumb. Suhas even dreaded speaking to a girl who had taken genderocin. He was approached by a few girls but he blatantly refused to encourage them. He always dressed in jeans and t-shirts thereby earning the name of tom-girl. But he did not give a damn. He had decided he will never marry a girl who has taken or has plans to take genderocin.

As Vijaya was thinking about all these Nirmal came back from work. Vijaya felt like someone had squeezed her heart. Nirmal was wearing a maroon saree-type dress, since the dress did not have any pockets he had to maintain a purse which had his identification and also light make-up materials like mirror, powder, creams. He never ever had the courage to try a lipstick although his younger collegues were completely at home using them. 

He was wearing 2 inch heeled backless slippers. Whenever foreign clients visited the company it was the job of the receptionist to do the aarti and welcome them. When they do this the receptionist is supposed to be in Indian tradition and hence wear a silk saree or a saree-dress along with accessories like bangles and also jasmine flowers in the hair. Due to this Nirmal was forced to grow his hair.

Vijaya welcomed her husband with a smile. She had always been the perfect wife. She saw it to that her husband and son felt comfortable and could relax at home forgetting all the pressures they faced outside.

“how was your day honey?” she asked him as she took the purse from him.

“It was fine” Nirmal quipped. The uneasiness in his voice did not go unnoticed. Nirmal went and changed his clothes and wore a t-shirt and lungi. He felt relieved getting out of those clothes. He put on the news. Just then Suhas too came home.  They had a quiet dinner and all of them shot to bed.
            A few days passed by. Almost all of Vijaya’s female friends had taken genderocin while their spouses had taken it too. Not only that but also all of the women had landed in plum jobs. but Vijaya did not even have a fleeting thought of taking genderocin as she knew Nirmal would not like it.

            One day Vijaya had finished her shopping and as she was near Nirmal’s office she decided to drop by so that she could surprise him. Vijaya entered the office and as she was in the lift she heard a couple of women speaking amongst themselves. Both of them were discussing about a receptionist. One of the women wanted to sleep with the receptionist but he had been ignoring her advances. Hence she was torturing him. He was currently still holding on as there were very few opportunities for men.

            As Vijaya was about to enter office she got a call on her mobile. After answering it she entered in. She saw the women who had been with her on the lift. The woman who wanted to trap the receptionist was scolding the poor receptionist. The receptionist was none other than Nirmal who was bearing it by gritting his teeth and watery eyes. Vijaya was shocked seeing it and she silently came out from the office. She was still shocked at the happenings.

            She initially thinks of asking Nirmal to quit but then realizes that he is the bread-winner of the house and there are hardly any good opportunities for men nowadays. That was the reason he has been bearing the humiliation. Vijaya thought hard as to what she can do to improve the situation. That is when she decided that she would go back to work so that she can also support the family.