Friday, 13 June 2014

Perfect girl

"Dont I looked perfect girl.My hair combed neatly back with strand of flower in it.My face made up expertly with my nails matching saree.
My saree perfectly tied with the help of my mom and my skin too smooth and silky.The ornaments like this chains, bangles, rings, and the earnings are my mothers.She had gifted me this.

I know every guy staring me will want to take me to his bed.But wait I have one more surprise down here which was placed my mistake.
Thanks to my mom for understanding me in this"  son completly made up as a girl that he beleives he is...

we say kamala...???

" Was really happy when my sister told me iam going to join her to outing with her girl friends.But din know that I would be wearing a blue salwar"

This too is kind of cute isnt it" Thought kamalesh are should we say kamala...???

"No other way my dear son.I f we had to regain all our family wealth our persist says you have to complete the yaga as a female same for next to week dear son sarry daughter..."
Dont worry you to look cute in this...Said mom...

Great help for My sister

My sister was working in a goverment school as a teacher.She was assigned to collect census.She was very ill and could not go out to collect the details.She didnot have enough time to complete the taks given to her.She was in a big problem.

When she requested to me help her I accepeted.But we had a problem, she had to carry the ID which showed she was female.She was pleaded to dress as women like her.I was little hesitant but she said I dont look like a girl after make over.I may not do it.

I agreed and she dressed me in a blue saree and made me up like her.I have to accept i did look like.I had a chance to meet many people and collect detail but none suspected me.I did have a nice time and my sister thanked me for the great help.

Join my sister

I never thoguht  these will happen when my asked me to join her and my sister to shopping.They took me to a girls garments shop for getting dresses for them.I was bored as they were taking too long.

I was roming inside the shop through the racks.One of the sales girl walkes upto me and asked should she help me select something.I was taken back by her request.

She further continiues that dresses foe my size were over there.Before I could say anything she was holding some of salwar over me and suggested they might look too good on me.

My mom and sister walked up to us and were surprised to see what was happening.My sister laughed out and said may be the blue salwar suits you better.The sales girls said that they were runing a offer that they buying two dresses we get one more free.

Since mom and sister had selected couple of dresses for them I can take this blue salwar for free.They happily agreed to get the dresses.We were offred onther coupen for make over in saloon for couple.

My sister was so Happy.My mom didnot want to a makeover at this age so instead of wasting it they decided I should used it.

I was shocked to hear it but by end of the couple of hours there in the beauty saloon.My mom and sister were really happy to welcome me in the new blue salwar we bought...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ladies Club Meeting

We needed somenone to take care of our home since both me and my wife worked.We couldnot find anybody.My wife said that since she earn more than me,I have to quit my job and take care.
I could not reject since she earns double my income.I started doing all household activites.Few months passed, I then even get my hair cut as my wife said I just stay in my home and I did look good with long hair.

My cloths were also worn out and she didnot get me new ones saying I was just doing house work.Oneday When I complained her about the worn out cloths I had to wear , She jockingly said if I need good cloths then I should try on her dresses.She even taght me that day to wear a saree.

Since I always stayed home I started dressing in her things, SHe never complained.But she wanted me to look fresh by the time she returns from office everyday.So I started using her makeup and ornaments like chains and bangles. She was happy with my looks,she even bought me a breast forms.Today we are going to a ladies club meeting in her office, and we dressed in idential sarees...

Escape in a Female

" Hi bharathi are you sure this is only way I could escape the Place " said velan.

" No doubt about it dear.No when will ever suspect you escape in a female disguse.But be careful that you done meet my brother are else you could very well end up being my sister - in - law... Princess Sarah...

Party with My Aunty

" Aunty I never beleaved when you said I could pass easily for a girl in the Party " Said Shyam.


" Hi dear Shyami , I always know you could make a lovely girl, may be next time we should try a saree for u too... Aunty said.
" Look at those guys looking you like a cat waiting for its prey..."


Director Suggested

It was the day of our performence in front of a big home crowd. It came as a big shock to all of us that our heroine was not feeling well.
we did know what do to. All the other girls in our droop could not fit in the role  as they din have practise.When the director and myself ( iam a ass. director ) were discussing about this sitution our director suggested why not I try it once since I know all about the role.


 Every one thought I could be made a convincing girl.Even the girls came forward to help me in the make over.I was dressed in glittering red saree,wigs,dozens of bangles, and other ornaments.Since I know all the dialouges it was not difficult for me to perform on stage.

All through the evening i was treated diffrently.The whole crew thanked me for accepting the role.Every girl complimented me on looks. I was kind of enjoying the attentions I was having.After the performnace director was happy that he has found a new heroine and crew thought even the real one could not done better...

To be a House wife

"What the hell has happened? " Hubby...
"Honey you thought being a wife was very simple rite.So now its your turn to see what it takes to be a house wife".... Wife..

"Go get ready and make the breakefast ready for all or your mom should I say mother-in-law will fire you left and right.
"Will change back once you learn how hard is  it for women if you

wish"  Wife...