Thursday, 27 March 2014

Director Suggested

It was the day of our performence in front of a big home crowd. It came as a big shock to all of us that our heroine was not feeling well.
we did know what do to. All the other girls in our droop could not fit in the role  as they din have practise.When the director and myself ( iam a ass. director ) were discussing about this sitution our director suggested why not I try it once since I know all about the role.


 Every one thought I could be made a convincing girl.Even the girls came forward to help me in the make over.I was dressed in glittering red saree,wigs,dozens of bangles, and other ornaments.Since I know all the dialouges it was not difficult for me to perform on stage.

All through the evening i was treated diffrently.The whole crew thanked me for accepting the role.Every girl complimented me on looks. I was kind of enjoying the attentions I was having.After the performnace director was happy that he has found a new heroine and crew thought even the real one could not done better...


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