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THE PERFECT FUTURE                                                                                                                       Part - 1    Part - 2   Part - 3   Part - 4  Part - 5

By 2057, 75% of the women and 50% of the men had taken genderocin. Infact the men were forced to take the genderocin due to their wives and partners. This meant change in the professional set-up. Now women were reluctant to take-up jobs like secretaries, nurses, clerical administrators etc. Which were traditionally female. Also most men in key positions were strategically and periodically shown the door.
Now we see the lives of a father and son. Whether they went with the flow or tried to swin against the tide is what this story is all about.
            Vijayalakshmi aka Vijaya hanged the phone in disbelief. She could not believe her friend Sanjeevini too took genderocin. Sanjeevini who never even dared to speak when her husband was around, who never missed the karva chauth every year now took genderocin. Not only had she taken the drug but also was joining a job in a MNC while her husband Prashanth would be staying at home. Sanjeevini was the only friend that Vijaya had who had not taken genderocin.

Vijaya and her husband Nirmal were still old-fashioned. They still lived in the world of prince charming coming to the rescue of damsel in distress. Although the world around them was in the reverse.  Vijaya looked at the family portrait that hung on the world. It has Vijaya and Nirmal sitting beside each other along with their only son Suhas  standing behind them.

 Vijaya looked every inch a normal housewife wearing a saree, a dozen gangles on each hand, mangalsutra hanging around her neck, kumkum brightly smeared on the partition of her hair. She was petite at 5 ft 3 inches and weighing around 48 kgs. Her husband looked manly in his double breasted suit, shining black shoes and a rado watch on his wrist. Nirmal was 48 years old while Vijaya was 45 years old. Their son suhas had just turned 18. By all means it was a small and happy family.

But deep inside Vijaya knew all was not well for them. Nirmal had been a successful Sales Managing Director for a company. He had been working in that company for almost 20 years for that company. Infact it was in that company that Nirmal and vijaya had met before their marriage. Vijaya was Nirmal’s secretary then. She resigned after a few months after marriage as Nirmal was earning well for both of them. But recently he had been mercilessly removed from that post and a fresh graduate from IIM  had been instated in the post. 

Due to Nirmal’s loyal service for all the years he was given a post of receptionist in the company. Since he was the sole breadwinner of the family Nirmal was forced to swallow the humiliation and join in that position. The most humiliating thing about the job was not the position or rank but the dress code. Although women did not work as receptionists and men as CEO’s the dress code remained where it was with only the gender changing. 

So Nirmal had to wear a dress similar to a saree. Except he did not need to drape it but the lower part was pre-stitched to appear like a pleated saree. He could wear that like a skirt. Then he had to put on a blouse and then from his skirt he would wrap a long piece of cloth around his waist and over his (chest) breast. Thereby giving it a look of a saree. While the female executives wore suits.


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