Friday, 13 June 2014

Join my sister

I never thoguht  these will happen when my asked me to join her and my sister to shopping.They took me to a girls garments shop for getting dresses for them.I was bored as they were taking too long.

I was roming inside the shop through the racks.One of the sales girl walkes upto me and asked should she help me select something.I was taken back by her request.

She further continiues that dresses foe my size were over there.Before I could say anything she was holding some of salwar over me and suggested they might look too good on me.

My mom and sister walked up to us and were surprised to see what was happening.My sister laughed out and said may be the blue salwar suits you better.The sales girls said that they were runing a offer that they buying two dresses we get one more free.

Since mom and sister had selected couple of dresses for them I can take this blue salwar for free.They happily agreed to get the dresses.We were offred onther coupen for make over in saloon for couple.

My sister was so Happy.My mom didnot want to a makeover at this age so instead of wasting it they decided I should used it.

I was shocked to hear it but by end of the couple of hours there in the beauty saloon.My mom and sister were really happy to welcome me in the new blue salwar we bought...


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