Thursday, 7 November 2013

My sister Make me a Girl

Even from the early days me and my sister used to have fight for  who is the superior of both. It all came to one day when we were both playing tennis.I teased her very much that she can never beat me in the game of tennis. She get angry and said this is not fair.Since her Hair always falls in her face while playing and the uncomfortable dress she has to wear with thw bra , with all those danling earings she is not able to play well.She challenged me that with too had them on I could not defeat her.

hearing this i got annoyed.i said whatever it is I cuold easily beat her.Then she said would me too as the way she dress and then we play.I accepted without thinking.She made me bra and placed breast forms in them, then She have me a tight T-shirt to wear with short skirt. A wig was also attached with the earings and necklace.When saw myself in mirror I though I looked hot. Even the nipple of the forms were showing threw the T-shirt. We set out to play.
First i was not able to run as I felt extra weight on the front of my chest. This have my sister advantage and she won the game.She teasde me and she said as I lost I have to ramain as a girl for the day.


After the defeat in the game I could not argue with my sister so I accepted to her condition of spending the day as a girl.As it was lunchtime my sister said we finish the lunch First. She have the another Red tops and a very short Black skirt to wear after the Shower.Still I was not allowed to remove the wig and a breast forms. She taught me to make a light sandwich for a lunch and we both shared the Kitchen work.I could not remember doing work in Kitchen before. But today was different. I shared the Kitchen work.
After the Lunch Since our mom was not present be both cleaned the house.It was qiut different now.My sister din complained about me action now. She was early teaching me how do to all the works. We never had a wonderful time together before. We both were enjoing each others Company.Din realise time to flying.It was getting close evening six when we got a call from our mom saying herself and had a sudden call from all relative about a death and they had to leave now. She asked to takecare ourself and not to fight with each other.


My sister thought  that it was boring to stay home all evening and asked she can we goto the shopping mall. This have never happened so I thought Play along.She said we could dress up in saree and go. I was little hesitant but she said since the mall was on out area nobody will find me.
She have me light blue seethrough saree. When I was asked why i need a sexy saree. She said i dont get to wear sarees ofteten so you have to wear that.My face was ince again  made up with shining lipgloss to finish.In the mall there were lot of eyes on both of us. Almost everyone wanted to have a piece of us. I felt a little embrassed when few Boys were string my boobs through saree.We decided to finish dinner there before leaving.
I was having a wonder ful time with my sister as a girl.I never wanted to this end.  I happy that i lost the game.Even my sister seemed to like having a sister instead of unruly brother.  When we reached home she asked me if I could remain as her sister till My parents Return.

I happly accepted my sister's offer as i was having wonderful Time.Next was a holiday in my college my sister had Onam celebration in her College. She said this could be once in a life time chance for me goto women's college.I thought i could be fun. But the problem was she had a only one Traditional kerala saree.When we searched through over my mother's self we find one saree.She have me white blouse to match with a saree and dressed me first like a traditional malaiyalam girl with dozens of bangles.She asked me to goto Kitchen prepare some breakfast for both of us when she is getting ready.I was inthe Kitchen preparing bread toast for us both.I would never her beleaved twodays back if someone had said i would be preparing food in kitchen wearing a saree. But things have changed Completely.
After the food we both road my sister's scooty instead of my bike to college.There she introduced me to her friends as a sister.All her friends know she only had a brother and not a sister.She explained then everything that happened last couple of days.All her friends were teasing me and pinching me in my private parts. This is made me feel embrassed.Soon the all accepeted me as a girl. They taught me to how to make rangoli.Then i was also made join them in traditional kearala dance.

Oh god i was loving every second of this day as a girl.I wished I could stay as a girl always.Afterall being a girl is more fun than being a bad boy....


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