Monday, 25 November 2013

Hi , my name is Raj Patel and I prefer female DOMINATION
And I 'm 18 years old and the average person looking to die for it
hight 5'7 "... and now I am giong to write about another
After a handful of Hindi Domination of experiance .... All ye
Aunt Dina stated that he pehle aur ek on the thamuje mail
unki ek friend muje bulakar femdom salve banana cha own
Hati to me that the color par unke din was pahuch go home
His name was Susma karib 33 years old aunty aur unki
Section 33-34 of the karib also had a friend whose name was dono
Achha figure was married and had big boobs bade rasile
What was the pearl was hot pussy and ass I 'm living now
Back to top of the ash your face ... Anyway, I am equal to all of wo
The karne wala aur pehle baaten me of my home susma
Aunt poocha: age have ever been, all ye
Me : Yes , times are ..
susma: Oh is achha anubhav .
Me : Yes , aur apne?
susma: Mene is also karvaya Kai times ..
Me : Maza ayega tab
Section : Maine 's high heels Sandel pahan thread , you
Me : I said pehle mene my heels for the first reqirment
Section : you kuchal your niche pero me jyada Maza
Me : sokh the kuchlo, I have come to the annual action plan kuchal ne ke liye
susma: Let's Start now to have baate law
Me : Yes, ma'am
susma: kuchh We told you I have not yet mistress
You achha anubhavihai . Start Now let 's equivalent niche farsh
If jav . 

( Utar kr kapde my underwear back on equal farsh
The child 's aur) susma was only waist and he Khadi
Kafi pearl heel heel was too but he was vali Sandel pehni
ek pair uthake my left jangh (thigs) placed par aur dusra lift
Equal right to make war on cotton dono thigs like I was her only
Wow bahut padi my cock and she 's excited to be khada
Has become Maine HAL ye have said to me thou slippers apki
apke foot kya karenge! They just barely moving with pets on fir
Khadi has come up on me and I now bid on your face
kuchal dungi kholo his mouth and his right pair I uthaya
muje niche dikh ointment was the only face of uskesandal
Coming aur mere face the same pair of thaaur she put her heel
Full weight inside and she only had a mere muh pe face
Gone to ashes .. I got mad ...

Come now, you who say to susma FIR section is also de ko kuchal
The only sign of her high heel stream of Chad equal to vajh
Just sign par uske ( circle heel ) that he traces his pad
ek duo equal uthaya and put my face was his heel mere muh me
Full wazan give it color and anus was just waiting kuchal face
The FIR gone baith aur Muze They both said you were on the sofa couch
Baith jav Aue pas à me my slippers baith gaya.susma the khaha
Maine uske soft Gore nikalo fine for me aur apne pair of hot hands
Utarne sandal was going to move away from her summa not bid apne muh
Nikalo from her slipper pakada aur mene apne daato
He is now just a mere couple nikla slave talve Chato !

I got excited me aur apni jeebh sunte ye the word of susma komal
I felt queasy and Gore added chat ne ta me kariban 10 minutes to chat using Utne Let me now turn to Section karne Bid now my service to my
Maine unki heel to heel it up muh took me suck suck karne
Take Puri Puri aur SAAF inside the FIR dahara slippers just like the talve BHA Chato only dog ! Both I and the United Nations to kariban adhe ghante muje unke

The only pair I stand and slippers muje aur fir talve chataye
Piche AAV Northeast Section Northeast meje kitchen area aur baatroom on the bich Leta 's hair turned marrow aur Waha said it was now our footmat Be lete

We will be using our two footmat karenge me jagah the subject to which I
Was licked usse achha was also mere saath, fir wo both the kitchen I
The mere upar aur kuch karne the cahli aur jab came back out of the kichan
The challenge only sign on the high jaati ever , never ever just barely on her face

I was par bahut khus chahata I was on my way to kyo ki yahi
The dream of pairo talve chatu unke top of me aurto kuchla jav ..
All ye ek kariban Ghanta lunch are long gone and he muje log
Ha said bulaya aur kuch khaoge steps to table the matter and gave me a dinner hila

( As log rosted chikhen) having taken money collected and used by susma to usne Toda muh took me a bit to your left chabaya aur fir niche thuk jaha me betha I was a little crushed and dahara aur ushe said his slippers to use now without Farsh equal to untie khav aur jo mere sandal has equal access to chat

Do SAAF pada like me who was on the top floor was caht my leg susma tab
Hi sir i just like dabaya pine stream was equal talve slippers wo chicken
I do all of my cock cum chhut bahut was excited and I was eating me
The JD apne underwere me ... Jav baathroom said mujse ye took me to see the hasne

I and all SAAF Carlo .. I got me in the bathroom and I had my cock SAAF offers aur underwaer To put ne .. I susma pine and cedar Naked came I out of the stream muje The stream urine karna hai to puch our Kutta kabkam ayega do not have to be a toilet Please use the space ! Sunkar ye mera lund fir se khada got to let me baatroom I jaakar He just chehere ayi View bethi (jese the toilet is equal bethti kapde utare) I mene mene muh opened He their mere muh muh me all piss me ear to Start mut , and began to Pine (muje muut pina bahut I love food and toilet ) and he mut
Mut 2-3 minutes after the break up she was gone and he mut baad ayi Northeast Section I only got muh.

But was not she a little old for mut uthi me bethi by the time her chut mere jaise NAK Chu was the I just muh his ass was comparable to what I was supposed to society san ched aur achank uake Mr. IK lump of setoilet nikla ass muh me but I was able to use kosis northeast nigal

Wo bahut pada isliye muje chabana only big lump thbh dusra I ate came to Chaba I muh I was Chaba fir mene I ate his ass clean chat aur use of SAAF
D aurusne apni Panties pehni aur muje Kucha left of me and my firs
JD from the .. Both came fir fir hame bahut Maza said yes you 've come to the matter and both I and the United Nations

Ne mere muh me thuka, slippers chatayi aur baad fir ... I missed the Waha nahakar

How is this My slutty Slavess you LIKE IT?


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